Normal and Greasy hair, and the whole Sunsilk range was relaunched with improved formulations and packaging to bring the brand into the 80’s. Today the haircare range offers a unique formula’s and ingredients, to combine the best from the worlds of nature and science to combat any haircare problem.

Monacor Int. Animated Banner

MIBanner Animated Banners

Disco-tastic animated banners covering a full spectrum of products.

The client

Monacor International was founded in 1965 in Bremen, Germany. From it’s humble beginnings it has grown into a sizeable organisation operating worldwide with over 500 hundred employees working in 40 subsidiaries.

A leader in the distribution of pro-audio technology with a product range of over 5,000 items, some serious design know-how was required and after an initial meeting with the MD of Monacor UK, it was only natural that Hatch became their agency of choice. This is where the story begins…

MIBanner Animated Banners

A behemoth products range

With a product portfolio big enough to rival Argos and a catalogue the size of a telephone directory that boasts over 500 new products per year we certainly had our work cut out, and product cut-outs was eventually going to be the order of the day in this animated sequence.

Sitting down with the client helped to identify and group the products into the following five distinguishable sectors:

•       Lighting technology
•       Stage & DJ technology
•       Public Address Systems
•       Speaker Technology
•       Cables & Connectors

With the sectors identified we chose five or six products from each that would best relay thier diversity.

In the Spotlight

Our primary objective was to promote the new Monacor printed product catalogue here in the UK, whilst reinforcing the companies positioning across europe as a monolithic supplier of solutions to the sound and lighting markets.

Monacor International Neil Clayton

Let the show begin

To be spotlighted on the AudioPro International homepage, we really had to supply a sound showcase of products in a cool and illuminating way. So, continuing from the success of the ‘L’ shaped banners previously designed, the format was in place for this next challenge. In order to keep the animation short and focused, we divided the product range into five main sub catagories; PA Technology, Stage & Lighting Equipment, Speaker Technology, Lighting Technology and Cables & Connectors.

A dazzling display

The background of the whole sequence shows an empty dancefloor, luminous with projected, multi coloured light patterns and disco lasers shining in from the top right of the banner. Highlighting an IMG Stage Line* wallpaper, the coloured lights and projections blend from purples through every colour of the rainbow, presenting a very cool and product-relevant basis upon which to set the sequence of frames.

With each new catagory-specific headline that seamlessly slides in from the right, comes its range of products, smoothly appearing moments later, either sliding into view, emerging from the nightclub background or in the case of the disco ball, rolling in, pausing in situ with it’s product range and then rolling off screen. Simultaneously, at the bottom of the banner, the range title slides in, pauses and pulses as if to a silent beat and then continues on it’s way off screen. There are five sub-categories of products in the animation, together with a slide presenting the brochure which boasts the headline ‘500 new products added each year’ and at the bottom of this banner an opportunity to ‘click here to order your FREE catalogue’.

Monacor International
Monacor International
Monacor International

Electrifying Flash

Throughout the animation the company name and logo remain static in the top-left of the banner, bolts of lightening flash behind it in sharp accentuation, highlighting the power and quality of this Audio Industry giant.

Clear & simple copy

The copy for this banner was just as much a part of the design as the imagery included in the animation, with important information contained within the header, emphasis was placed on key wording such as; 500 New Products, Excellence, Powerhouse and Specialists, yet kept simple so as not to distract and clutter the design.

On reflection, a glittering campaign

After some serious tweaking testing and running the banner was eventually ready to run live on the Audio Pro International website winning some serious acclaim and recognition. The finished animation as a whole was a slick and seamless representation of a mere snapshot of the Monacor product range. From mirrorballs to mic’s the end result gave the company a glossy and memorable online presence. Below you can see the final animation and how it was viewed live online.

To add a little ‘disco’ to your online advertising, contact one of our design divas – 020 8297 1200

IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag

IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag

Our highly collectable, limited edition optical illusion show bag got carried away at BPM.

Bags of Style

If there had been an award for ‘Most Stylish Accessory’ at this years’ BPM, then IMG Stage Line would have carried it away, courtesy of the design brains at Hatch Creations.

IMG Stage Line produce a comprehensive range of audio equipment designed for all levels of DJ, from bedroom to superclub, and believe they can offer the market something different by providing a premium product at an affordable price.

As part of a bigger brief, our task was to create awareness in the UK of the IMG Stage Line brand, although well respected in its homeland Germany, the firm felt BPM offered an opportunity to showcase the brand and gain its deserved recognition and credibility amongst the DJ collective.

IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag Testimonial

The branding campaign was spearheaded with the super-collectable Optical Illusion Show Bag. A cleverley angled IMG DJ mixer and headphones leading into the physical handles, adorn the front faces of this double sided show stopper.

Printed both sides in full colour the luxury crimson rope handled bags were hi-gloss varnished with a reinforced double lined turnover top & base for extra strengh. The 120mm deep gussets promote the name and URL. Such was it’s appeal, the promo piece flew off the exhibition stand and saturated the three day event.

IMG Stage Line Logo
The forementioned wider requirements of this brief were achieved in our IMG Brand Awareness Campaign, a cool combination of vivid artwork used across all media platforms such as tension banners, animated VT and press advertising, not to mention an awesome social media launch.
IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag
IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag
IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag
IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag
IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag

What went into the bag

The concept of an optical illusion show bag is not a new one, a simple search online will throw up fantastic work from other designers, some of the more memorable ones that spring to mind would be the bag that looks like it’s carrier is lugging around a crate of beer or the bag advertising a gym where an athlete skipping seems pretty average until you realise the skipping rope forms the handle of the bag.

So with a chosen format in mind, team Hatch had a brainstorming session which involved reviewing a mammoth product portfolio, investigating different types of bags and handles, whilst working up some ‘VERY rough’ initial sketches. Above and left is a rare chance to peak at a raw working process here at Hatch.

At this stage I was not looking for the next Van Gough, but that initial spark of genius that could be scribbled down on a beer mat, regardless, you can see straight away the idea is gold!

IMG Optical Illusion Show BagIMG Optical Illusion Show Bag

It is just an illusion…

Following the initial presentation of ideas to the client, a decision was made to amalgamate a couple of favoured elements from separate designs. A rope handle being part of an audio cable as seen in ‘fig e’ was to be incorporated into the Audio Mixer, shot at a perspective angle ‘fig a’.

A stage 2 sketch (left) highlighted a technical flaw, that an audio cable would not both exit & enter the amp at same time. As he knew the IMG portfolio and also wanted to relay multiple products, it was actually our client, Neil’s suggestion to somehow include the headphones which in hindsight reinforced the DJ theme.

With the required products shipped to Hatch an experimental photoshoot got underway. After shooting multiple compositions in different lighting environments, the final solution would be an outdoor shot of the amp at a front tilted perspective with the headphones strategically hanging over the lower left quadrant. The headphone cable had to line up at the point where the drilled handle hole of the bag would be.

IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag

All bagged up

Although it would be a technical impossibility to carry around a powered up amplifier we played our ‘designers license’ card and re-shot the amp in the studio, this time with the power on. All of the cool electric blue lights could then be digitally overlayed and individually artworked onto the final piece.

With the raw photos from the shoot to hand and the bag template provided by the Chinese manufacturer we set about creating the final flat artwork. As this design was to appear on both faces of the bag we only needed to set up artwork for one gusset and one front face.

Before sending the artwork off to the manufacturer, the final stage of the project was to relay to the client that the optical illusion aspect of this bag would actually work. The above photo-realistic visual was created by the digital alchemists here at Hatch and it really is a testament to their skills when you consider that it was conceived before the bag was produced!

To see how Hatch can bring some smoke and mirrors to your next promo campaign call 0208 297 1200 and speak to one of our magicians… or one of their lovely assistants.

IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag
IMG Optical Illusion Show Bag

Arctic E461 Animated Banners

Arctic Animated Banners

Sparkling animated banner with a fresh & funky vibe for Swiss heavyweight Arctic.

Cool Customer

When approached by a company that boasts the ‘Spirit of innovation’ as their credo we were not only thrilled with the prospect of promoting their state-of-the-art earphones for the Pro Audio market, but also at working with a company that appreciated our cutting-edge animation which would wow their audience and do justice to such a cool product.
Arctic, formerly known as Arctic Cooling, is a Swiss manufacturer best known for computer cooling components. Back in 2010, the company set out on an expedition to expand their business into other areas of consumer electronics and developed a diverse range of products that spanned computer peripherals, audio products and home entertainment PCs.

A Brief exposure

Having experienced the jaw dropping banners Hatch had already created for Adam Hall, GrooveGear, Faital Pro & Monacor, our friends at Arctic wanted us to raise the temperature of consumer awareness across Europe focusing on their E461 premium earphones. Having already booked the adjoined ‘L’ shaped banner position on Audio Pro’s site, Arctic commissioned Hatch to create a short animated sequence that highlighted their product’s rich dynamics, whilst offering a cool ‘must-have’ feel to a mobile device-using target market.

Scripting the snow story boarding

Before we embark on any expedition in animation we would meticulously plan our proposed route, this would usually take place in the form of a rough series of sketches which story-board out the frame sequence, direction of our cast members, props, graphical elements and text. This is done partly due to the time it takes to artwork, program and test the final anim, it’s a lot quicker to erase and scribble down again and efficient to have a script to work to. The image below is the actual story board created prior to firing up the macs.
Arctic Cesar Testimonial

Sub zero concept sets the stage

An underlying frozen concept derived initially from the company name & history linked to it, materialised in the form of the wintery theme of our banner. The existing ‘nobody but me’ product tagline was set as a constant element, stamped into the snowy tundra background like a footprint.

A blizzard of animation

Ground Frost – Starting from the ground up we wanted to bring the wintery backdrop to life, but how to animate static snow?… the answer was in tiny twinkling sparkles that randomly appear throughout the sequence. Subtle and so simple you may not notice the glistening gems on a conscious level unless pointed out, but here at Hatch we concentrate on the minutest of details in order to magnify the overall experience.

Logo Reveal – We wanted to incorporate an interesting way of presenting the parent company logo with the use of rich media. As the Arctic logo and tagline were to appear in the lower half of the vertical banner as a sign-off, we needed to seamlessly melt the logo reveal sequence into the existing snowy background. This was achieved by cleverly incorporating the horizontal wave found in the logo. The shape is the first element to enter the stage thus sectioning off the area for the movie. Working from an Adobe Aftereffects template we see a gloved hand enter stage right and brush away the fluffy, white top-snow to reveal the frozen surface. Below the ice, an unidentifiable object ripples into clarity to give the second sequence reveal, that being the Arctic logo and the ‘Spirit of innovation’ tagline. This movie sequence has been strategically stitched into the banner.

Arctic model
Down with the kids The foreground animation sees a demographic of ‘too-cool-for-school’ twenty somethings pre-supplied courtesy of the Arctic advertising team, which individually contain the product shape converted into everything from clothing trims to hair accessories, always a bonus to work with quality imagery. Ultimately, the unwritten message being that these are personal headphones of choice for the uber cool.

Copy writing melts in & out

Just as much focus went into the written message, with our in house copywriters giving a distinctly wintery vibe to the snappy copy which thaws in and out of our animation.

Arctic E461 - BM

Skating on thin ice

One of the hardest parts of this job is only realised once you understand that this unconventional ‘L’ shaped animated banner is actually two banners merged together. The technical challenge here was to have the artwork and animation run seamlessly across both the horizontal and skyskraper banners.
This is further complicated by the fact that when a web page loads it will load all of the elements in an order, which meant if our looping top banner loaded before its adjoining sister banner and started to automatically run, the animation would be out of sync. In order to zip things up this was overcome with a special piece of coding courtesey of Hatch’s egg-head programming team, who coolly built instructions into the first banner, not to autorun before the other banner had loaded.

Fresh outta the fridge

With much tweeking and testing, along with an equally impressive yet simplified animated banner gif version that would substitute for devices such as an ipad unable to view flash content, the banner ran live on the Audio Pro International website and received much deserved recognition, below the final animation in all of its glistening glory. Contact one of our alchemists to add some sparkle to your online presence.

Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS

Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS

Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS. A free beauty treatment incentive calls for some seriously high end artwork.

Going back to our roots

The working relationship between Schwarzkopf and Hatch goes back over 10 years, and in the early days of that alliance, one particular project really gave us the opportunity to shine and prove our worth to the Schwarzkopf marketing team.

Our challenge was to conceptualise a campaign to promote a free beauty treatment with the purchase of any two products from the Schwarzkopf colour product range; LIVE Color XXL, LIVE Colour Accents, Vital Colors, Poly Tint Colors, Country Colors and Nordic Colors, for nationwide distribution to independent chemists and selected supermarkets.

The final design would be applied to all point of sale items such as shelf edges, colour brochures, A3 stand-alone promo-cards and offer information dispenser packs.

Covering all grey areas

It was essential to make a big impression with this project so no stone was left unturned when researching imagery that really hit the spot. A major stipulation of the brief was that any model featured should have ‘Schwarzkopf’ hair colouration.
With a limited budget our solution avoided the costly route of organising a specific photoshoot with models, hairstylists and spa location, although thinking back that would of been a nice day out of the studio : )

The mane image

As we had access to the original product packaging artwork from Germany the realisation hit that we already had a model shot with perfectly coloured hair although it was only a head & shoulders shot, so the search was on for the ideal body and backdrop images which would allow a starting point from which our technical wizards could weave their photoshop magic to conjure the perfect campaign scene.

Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS

A breakdown of the raw elements used within the final artwork.

Artworking Conditioning

With the chosen head a shoulders shot (image 1) in place we were certain to retain the exact hair colour, we found the image of an oriental model presenting the ideal posture. Taking the model from figure.2, we meticulously cut out the arms with the jacuzzi in the foreground and flipped this artwork to match the curve of our pool (fig.3) and to sit in front of our head shot (fig.1). Once the position was set we precisely colour-matched the Asian models’ skintone. With the creation of a flawless model relaxing within a spa environment our bespoke image was set in place, with the only hint of photo manipulation being spotted by the keenest of eyes…. that being turbulence in the foreground and the serene still water of the spa shot behind.
So, following painstaking hours at our photoshop salon, the artwork was finally in place. A good composition lending itself to successful application, it was easily adapted to work within each point-of-sale item. We also took a range shot of the products included in the offer and artworked this onto all pieces.
The campaign went swimmingly! Really highlighting the technical dexterity and craftmanship of our creative team.

To add some body and shine to your advertising campaign, why not have a chat with one of our stylists on 020 8297 1200.

Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS
Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS
Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS leafletDispenser
Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS
Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS
Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS

ISS Stationery

A consistent look across all outgoing printed correspondance and direct marketing pieces.

Firming up a brand

We were approached by Stage & Theatrical Engineering outfit Independent Studio Services (ISS) to solidify and apply their brand across a range of printed stationery along with a service outlining memorable flyer to be handed out at industry tradeshows & events.

As part of our brief we acknowledged the clients desire to retain the ‘Eyeman’ logo element already in existence which had built a certain amount of industry awareness. With inconsistency in colour and size usage, the inherited logo needed bringing into line with variants created for both print and digital scenarios.

Our first port of call was to create a simple set of identity guidelines which would pay dividends, especially when creating ISS Promo Items.

Used to maintain the ISS brand identity and integrity, covering logo, font and colour versions & usage, these identity guidelines will help to maintain a consistent graphic style, throughout all print, advertising and on-line marketing activity. Allowing flexibility, yet ensuring consistency in all communications, the specifications should be followed exactly. The basic guidelines were supplied as an 8 page emailable pdf.


Putting the ‘Boss’ into Embossed Stationery

Stationery can be as extravagant or as a basic as your budget allows, for example you could have your logo embossed, back printed with foil blocking on a shaped card. Alternatively, a single colour, single sided card printed on an economy stock.

We would normally suggest that stationery items such as business cards, letterheads, continuation sheets, compliment slips, envelopes, DVD covers, address labels, etc are designed and more importantly printed at the same time, ultimately ending up with a complete branded set of stationery.

Advantages of printing all items together would include:

– Consistency of colour and paper stock.

– More cost effective if multiple items fit the same sheet

– Savings on design, when producing multiple items

With our advise taken on board to give ISS a professional and complete brand overhaul, the final solution for the stationery was to be a two-colour job that had the ‘Eyeman’ embossed across all printed items.

The letterheads, continuation sheets and business cards were all printed upon Advocate Xtreme White Smooth paper stock which was back printed with a logo silhouette echoed as a 20% background wash.

Cut-out the competition

The understanding of advantages gained by printing items on the same run (as outlined above) helped the marketing team at ISS in the decision to also commission the design and print of a flyer which could be handed out at trade shows and events and also had the potential to be sent out as a direct mail piece.

Our brief, to outline the core services of ISS with a mailable (no bigger than A5) flyer. To make it memorable whilst further establishing recognition of the brand…

…and our solution was in a lively, unforgettable piece that took the outline of the Eyeman motif which sits at the core of the brand and made this the shape of the Flyer. The final approved artwork was run on the same sheet as the business card a 330gsm Advocate Xtreme White Smooth stock. The end result an ‘Eye’ catching, successful piece that won the client business and did exactly as intended, all at a relatively low cost.

To focus your brand consistency with a clear set of guidelines, to make your correspondence relay your identity with a unified professional look or to simply increase business with an effective direct mail campaign, why not contact our team to see how we can turn your competitors into green eyed monsters.


Big TV

How we helped the UK’s finest big screen hire BIG TV company to keep on trucking.

Company projection

Since its incorporation in 2003, Big TV has offered a solution for almost any broadcasting event; concerts, festivals, documentary shooting, promotional pop videos, sporting events, advertising and awareness campaigns.

Large or small, whatever the requirement, Big TV can provide a state-of-the-art transmission system along with full technical support and expert consultancy. Liaising on outdoor broadcasts alongside the BBC, ITV Sky and Setanta Sports, Big TV have gained the confidence of major broadcasting organisations, earning the company the recognition as the UK’s number 1 provider of Giant LED Screens.

Showman logo

An awesome piece of kit

We were approached by Big TV who briefed us to create a flyer to outline their services. This was to be handed out at this year’s Showman’s Show, an outdoor events exhibition. Their flagship product is a 46 square meter LCD screen integrated into a magnificent truck.

The massive screen deploys within minutes and can rotate a full 360°. The sides of the truck drop down to form a mobile stage.

How we pulled out all the stops…

Thinking outside the box (in this case the truck) we came up with a unique solution based on this impressive product. We created the flyer as a cut out of the truck housing an informative tabbed insert that replicated a screen when lifted. As this was to be a handout at an outdoor event, the item was gloss laminated for protection and to ensure a shiny, rich black finish. The flyers were then individually die cut, scored, folded and individually handcrafted. The finished product is an impressive solution that holds the viewers attention with its interactive nature. A talking point at the trade show, it was a successful, eye catching sales piece.
Big TV Testimonial
Big TV Master Truck
Big TVBig TV
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