APX Code of Conduct Brochure

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APX Code of Conduct Brochure

APX Code of Conduct Brochure. A guide to policies and values for the APX team.

Who is the client

APX is a lead provider of power exchange and clearing services for the European wholesale energy market. A cutting-edge European energy exchange, APX offer a transparent and secure trading environment providing market information for trade use, energy suppliers and substantial users of energy.
Established in 1999, the company runs platforms in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium, providing exchange trading, settlement & central clearing to hundreds of members from over 15 countries.

Additionally, APX works closely with its members, Transmission System Operators and other power exchanges, in creating new opportunities and promoting market innovation.

APX Code of Conduct Brochure


An internal document was required for employees and contractors of the APX Group to understand a set of policies on key integrity issues, enabling them to uphold their ethical commitment to company values.

APX appreciated that a code of conduct could mean different things to different people, but should always be forward thinking and market orientated whilst maintaining the core

values of integrity and security. Hatch were briefed on the sensitive nature of this document, dealing with issues such as discrimination, harassment, etiquette and professional conduct.

Approached as a user-friendly, hand-held booklet with ease of referral in mind, the finished piece was then to be applied to the APX website as an easy-access online brochure.

APX Code of Conduct Brochure

Our Solution

Our aim was to create a practical, motivational piece which reminded the reader that they are all working towards the same goal, we used sporting images relevant to each sub-category to illustrate this message.

The word ‘be’ was printed on the internal cover, followed by inspiring, content-related headlines on the trimmed

internal pages throughout; ‘be ready’, ‘be committed’, ‘be a team’, ‘be pioneering’, to highlight just a few, right through to ‘be winners’ heading the final page.

The front cover represents a team talk, whilst, with high fives all-round, the back cover confirms acknowledgement of what is expected from each employee.

APX Code of Conduct Brochure QuoteAPX Code of Conduct Brochure
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