Terms and conditions

1) All quotes will be based on the current hourly studio rate. This time will be stated in the quote.
2) All extras such as disks, proofs, scans, carriage etc will be charged extra at current studio prices unless stated in the quote. These prices may be obtained on request.
3) VAT will be added to all costs.
4) No work will be undertaken until the quote is agreed in writing.
5) A personal guarantee may be sought.
6) Should the project, for whatever reason, be aborted by you the client, Hatch reserve the right to charge for hours spent until that date.
7) Any project exceeding the quoted amount of hours will be put on hold until permission is given to continue at the current hourly studio†rate. This will be logged on a time sheet and charged extra.
8) Any project running under or over the quoted time by 1 hour or less will be billed at the quoted amount. Any project running under or over the quoted time by more than one hour will be refunded or billed in full according to the time sheet.
9) If a project lies dormant for more than 6 weeks, Hatch reserve the right to charge for the hours spent until that time.
10) No artwork will be released to print until sign-off is received in writing. All artwork sent to print will be accompanied by a full set of colour inkjet proofs, regardless of who is litho printing the project. Hatch accept no liability for type errors or omissions which appear†on the signed-off proof. If Hatch are print managing your project and you decline wet proofs, Hatch hold no responsibility for† omissions, type errors, stock problems, colour inaccuracies, trapping or any other print related issues.
11) Hatch will hold any images purchased on behalf of the client and are not at liberty to supply original hi-res artwork.
12) Upon project completion, invoices will be payable within 30 days.
13) All quotes are valid for 30 days from the date on the quote.
14) All designs and artwork shall remain the property of Hatch unless stated otherwise.
15) By accepting this quote from Hatch, you agree with the terms of business.
16) Hatch reserve the right to use any design work that we have involvement in, as part of our on and offline portfolio.
Hatch Creations
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