VisionFund Int. 1M client campaign

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Vision Fund International - 1 millionth client campaign

How we helped VisionFund International celebrate a million reasons to be proud

A valued working relationship

VisionFund International believe in brighter futures for children by empowering families to create income and jobs. Their financial services enable impoverished households to increase their incomes. They train their clients to grow successful businesses. Working together as part of World Vision – a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation – they enable communities to increase economic activity, access clean water, education and healthcare, and provide the foundations for local economies to flourish.
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Our mission

This job was a request for some collateral that VisionFund International needed for an internal comms campaign. In May, the company reached their 1 millionth client. That meant that through their 36 microfinance institutions (MFI’s), the organisation now lend money to over 1 million people living in developing countries as a way to help them rise out of poverty. VisonFund wanted to use this milestone to engage staff, both at the Global Centre and in their MFIs. The three items of collateral required that were to celebrate the 1 millionth client were as follows:

A1 Poster – For MFIs celebrating the 1 millionth loan that can be printed and put up in the 36 microfinance offices.

Tea and Mug Gift Tag – Having identified their one millionth client as a tea picker in Sri Lanka, VisionFund had tea bags and were ordering mugs to send round to their global centre staff. Hatch were commissioned to produce a gift tag that says ‘thanks for your work.’ to accompany the tea and mug.

Loan Officer Competition Flyer – They also wanted to create a competition where loan officers nominate their ‘1 in a million client’ by sending in a photo and description of their favourite client. This would be a simple digital flyer that would be emailed round the globe to all of their offices. The source file was to be in the form of a universally recognised editable word document template which local communicators could translate.

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One in a million

Seetha “Annakili” Lechchami, a 48-year-old tea plucker in Sri Lanka, represents the millionth client. She and her husband Ganapathi have lived for 25 years in a tiny pair of rooms in a line of identical homes on the plantation on which they both work. Like so many poor tea pickers, the couple had no choice but to bring up their children in squalid conditions and quiet desperation. She borrowed US$150 and purchased a pregnant

goat and its kids, with the intention of selling the males for meat and keeping the females to breed. Now, she has great plans. Once they have made enough money, she and her husband want to build a new home on a patch of land allocated to him by the plantation. They are continuing to support their daughter who recently married. And they plan to put money aside to give their grandchildren a better life.
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A thousand pictures tell the millionth story

Having familiarized ourselves with the VisionFund brand identity guidelines and after researching the companies global positioning and core purpose we set about brainstorming our approach to the clients brief. VisionFund supplied a

comprehensive photographic library of their worthy success stories. These professionally taken shots where an individually endeering and humbling story in themselves. Ensuring we stayed on brand, we set about creating the required formentioned items of collateral.
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In order to answer the brief and relay how many lives (over 1 million) this organisation had helped beyond recognition, we decided not to focus on one image of an impoverished child but to present 1 million (well 823 to be pricise). This idea was realized by using specialist mosaic software to develop an
attention grabbing mosiac graphic which had to be rendered at a memory consuming A1 size in order to accommodate the largest requirement, that being the poster. With a conceptual design in place and a solid set of brand guidelines ensuring we stayed on brand, the resulting collection of collateral was a heart warming success.
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