Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS

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Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS

Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS. A free beauty treatment incentive calls for some seriously high end artwork.

Going back to our roots

The working relationship between Schwarzkopf and Hatch goes back over 10 years, and in the early days of that alliance, one particular project really gave us the opportunity to shine and prove our worth to the Schwarzkopf marketing team.

Our challenge was to conceptualise a campaign to promote a free beauty treatment with the purchase of any two products from the Schwarzkopf colour product range; LIVE Color XXL, LIVE Colour Accents, Vital Colors, Poly Tint Colors, Country Colors and Nordic Colors, for nationwide distribution to independent chemists and selected supermarkets.

The final design would be applied to all point of sale items such as shelf edges, colour brochures, A3 stand-alone promo-cards and offer information dispenser packs.

Covering all grey areas

It was essential to make a big impression with this project so no stone was left unturned when researching imagery that really hit the spot. A major stipulation of the brief was that any model featured should have ‘Schwarzkopf’ hair colouration.
With a limited budget our solution avoided the costly route of organising a specific photoshoot with models, hairstylists and spa location, although thinking back that would of been a nice day out of the studio : )

The mane image

As we had access to the original product packaging artwork from Germany the realisation hit that we already had a model shot with perfectly coloured hair although it was only a head & shoulders shot, so the search was on for the ideal body and backdrop images which would allow a starting point from which our technical wizards could weave their photoshop magic to conjure the perfect campaign scene.

Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS

A breakdown of the raw elements used within the final artwork.

Artworking Conditioning

With the chosen head a shoulders shot (image 1) in place we were certain to retain the exact hair colour, we found the image of an oriental model presenting the ideal posture. Taking the model from figure.2, we meticulously cut out the arms with the jacuzzi in the foreground and flipped this artwork to match the curve of our pool (fig.3) and to sit in front of our head shot (fig.1). Once the position was set we precisely colour-matched the Asian models’ skintone. With the creation of a flawless model relaxing within a spa environment our bespoke image was set in place, with the only hint of photo manipulation being spotted by the keenest of eyes…. that being turbulence in the foreground and the serene still water of the spa shot behind.
So, following painstaking hours at our photoshop salon, the artwork was finally in place. A good composition lending itself to successful application, it was easily adapted to work within each point-of-sale item. We also took a range shot of the products included in the offer and artworked this onto all pieces.
The campaign went swimmingly! Really highlighting the technical dexterity and craftmanship of our creative team.

To add some body and shine to your advertising campaign, why not have a chat with one of our stylists on 020 8297 1200.

Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS
Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS
Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS leafletDispenser
Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS
Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS
Schwarzkopf Spa Offer POS
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