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MIBanner Animated Banners

Disco-tastic animated banners covering a full spectrum of products.

The client

Monacor International was founded in 1965 in Bremen, Germany. From it’s humble beginnings it has grown into a sizeable organisation operating worldwide with over 500 hundred employees working in 40 subsidiaries.

A leader in the distribution of pro-audio technology with a product range of over 5,000 items, some serious design know-how was required and after an initial meeting with the MD of Monacor UK, it was only natural that Hatch became their agency of choice. This is where the story begins…

MIBanner Animated Banners

A behemoth products range

With a product portfolio big enough to rival Argos and a catalogue the size of a telephone directory that boasts over 500 new products per year we certainly had our work cut out, and product cut-outs was eventually going to be the order of the day in this animated sequence.

Sitting down with the client helped to identify and group the products into the following five distinguishable sectors:

•       Lighting technology
•       Stage & DJ technology
•       Public Address Systems
•       Speaker Technology
•       Cables & Connectors

With the sectors identified we chose five or six products from each that would best relay thier diversity.

In the Spotlight

Our primary objective was to promote the new Monacor printed product catalogue here in the UK, whilst reinforcing the companies positioning across europe as a monolithic supplier of solutions to the sound and lighting markets.

Monacor International Neil Clayton

Let the show begin

To be spotlighted on the AudioPro International homepage, we really had to supply a sound showcase of products in a cool and illuminating way. So, continuing from the success of the ‘L’ shaped banners previously designed, the format was in place for this next challenge. In order to keep the animation short and focused, we divided the product range into five main sub catagories; PA Technology, Stage & Lighting Equipment, Speaker Technology, Lighting Technology and Cables & Connectors.

A dazzling display

The background of the whole sequence shows an empty dancefloor, luminous with projected, multi coloured light patterns and disco lasers shining in from the top right of the banner. Highlighting an IMG Stage Line* wallpaper, the coloured lights and projections blend from purples through every colour of the rainbow, presenting a very cool and product-relevant basis upon which to set the sequence of frames.

With each new catagory-specific headline that seamlessly slides in from the right, comes its range of products, smoothly appearing moments later, either sliding into view, emerging from the nightclub background or in the case of the disco ball, rolling in, pausing in situ with it’s product range and then rolling off screen. Simultaneously, at the bottom of the banner, the range title slides in, pauses and pulses as if to a silent beat and then continues on it’s way off screen. There are five sub-categories of products in the animation, together with a slide presenting the brochure which boasts the headline ‘500 new products added each year’ and at the bottom of this banner an opportunity to ‘click here to order your FREE catalogue’.

Monacor International
Monacor International
Monacor International

Electrifying Flash

Throughout the animation the company name and logo remain static in the top-left of the banner, bolts of lightening flash behind it in sharp accentuation, highlighting the power and quality of this Audio Industry giant.

Clear & simple copy

The copy for this banner was just as much a part of the design as the imagery included in the animation, with important information contained within the header, emphasis was placed on key wording such as; 500 New Products, Excellence, Powerhouse and Specialists, yet kept simple so as not to distract and clutter the design.

On reflection, a glittering campaign

After some serious tweaking testing and running the banner was eventually ready to run live on the Audio Pro International website winning some serious acclaim and recognition. The finished animation as a whole was a slick and seamless representation of a mere snapshot of the Monacor product range. From mirrorballs to mic’s the end result gave the company a glossy and memorable online presence. Below you can see the final animation and how it was viewed live online.

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