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A consistent look across all outgoing printed correspondance and direct marketing pieces.

Firming up a brand

We were approached by Stage & Theatrical Engineering outfit Independent Studio Services (ISS) to solidify and apply their brand across a range of printed stationery along with a service outlining memorable flyer to be handed out at industry tradeshows & events.

As part of our brief we acknowledged the clients desire to retain the ‘Eyeman’ logo element already in existence which had built a certain amount of industry awareness. With inconsistency in colour and size usage, the inherited logo needed bringing into line with variants created for both print and digital scenarios.

Our first port of call was to create a simple set of identity guidelines which would pay dividends, especially when creating ISS Promo Items.

Used to maintain the ISS brand identity and integrity, covering logo, font and colour versions & usage, these identity guidelines will help to maintain a consistent graphic style, throughout all print, advertising and on-line marketing activity. Allowing flexibility, yet ensuring consistency in all communications, the specifications should be followed exactly. The basic guidelines were supplied as an 8 page emailable pdf.


Putting the ‘Boss’ into Embossed Stationery

Stationery can be as extravagant or as a basic as your budget allows, for example you could have your logo embossed, back printed with foil blocking on a shaped card. Alternatively, a single colour, single sided card printed on an economy stock.

We would normally suggest that stationery items such as business cards, letterheads, continuation sheets, compliment slips, envelopes, DVD covers, address labels, etc are designed and more importantly printed at the same time, ultimately ending up with a complete branded set of stationery.

Advantages of printing all items together would include:

– Consistency of colour and paper stock.

– More cost effective if multiple items fit the same sheet

– Savings on design, when producing multiple items

With our advise taken on board to give ISS a professional and complete brand overhaul, the final solution for the stationery was to be a two-colour job that had the ‘Eyeman’ embossed across all printed items.

The letterheads, continuation sheets and business cards were all printed upon Advocate Xtreme White Smooth paper stock which was back printed with a logo silhouette echoed as a 20% background wash.

Cut-out the competition

The understanding of advantages gained by printing items on the same run (as outlined above) helped the marketing team at ISS in the decision to also commission the design and print of a flyer which could be handed out at trade shows and events and also had the potential to be sent out as a direct mail piece.

Our brief, to outline the core services of ISS with a mailable (no bigger than A5) flyer. To make it memorable whilst further establishing recognition of the brand…

…and our solution was in a lively, unforgettable piece that took the outline of the Eyeman motif which sits at the core of the brand and made this the shape of the Flyer. The final approved artwork was run on the same sheet as the business card a 330gsm Advocate Xtreme White Smooth stock. The end result an ‘Eye’ catching, successful piece that won the client business and did exactly as intended, all at a relatively low cost.

To focus your brand consistency with a clear set of guidelines, to make your correspondence relay your identity with a unified professional look or to simply increase business with an effective direct mail campaign, why not contact our team to see how we can turn your competitors into green eyed monsters.

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