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Looking back at eye-conic promo items proposed for Independent Studio Services.

A glance at the client

Independent Studio Services (ISS) boast more than 40 years experience of Studio and Theatrical engineering, offering packages of design, maintenance, installation and inspection to a vast audience including Theatres, TV Studios, Schools and Colleges countrywide. So when their MD called on Hatch to visualise some show-stopping, eye-popping merchandise, as an encore to the success of the stationery we had previously designed, of course we welcomed the challenge!
ISS promo items testimonial

The key to success

Promotion is an essential part of running a successful business. You may have the best product or service known to man but, that’s not enough. So how do you get your name out there and better still, remembered?

Creating a subliminal ‘stamp’ on your target market’s mind is the key to successful branding and merchandising and to keep that promo item on their desk with added shelf life, is really going to help, but we’re not talking about the same old personalised pens and coasters.

Everyone’s been to events and tradeshows where there has been uninspired promo items handed out left, right & centre. So what’s called for are fresh ideas; the latest innovative products with a splash of Hatch magic in order to make an indelible impression and boost sales.

As strategic thinkers here at Hatch, our creative minds get very excited when a new merchandising project presents itself, we pride ourselves on making it our business to promote yours in the most cutting edge and eye opening ways.

ISS promo items kettel

A rich blend of hot product & cool design

One of the stand-out designs submitted to our friends at ISS was a branded heat reveal mug, a memorable product which although nothing particularly new to the world of promo items, does have a proven track record of still ‘wowing’ it’s audience.

This works by hiding the artwork underneath a black heat sensitive coating which magically ‘disappears’ when hot liquid is poured in. Slowly but surely the magic happens and our message is spelt out in a rather cool way, much more interesting that your bog standard trade mug.

Cool becomes collectable when team Hatch cleverly blend the existing ISS ‘Eyeman’ within a visual pun, presenting a three icon totem, which spells out a message close to my own heart… ‘I love coffee’.

The clients message relays further ‘Eye’ related banter advising the caffeine consumer to ‘Look no further…
Other graphical elements utilise the companies recognisable amber & plum colour pallete adorning the decorated mug from rim to base.

Eyes on the prize

So whether you want to position your company with a branded keepsake that ends up on the desk of your target market or simply create a memorable and attention grabbing show handout thats going to direct the footfall to your exhibition stand, then Hatch could be the secret ingredient to your next campaign. Contact our promo consultants to see how we can help your sales go through the roof.

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