Fendi Presentation

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Sales personnel at the Italian fashion house Fendi, learn about new collections.

A history of Fendi

The house of Fendi began its story back in 1925 when Edoardo Fendi and Adele Casagrande opened a small boutique shop that sold leathergoods and luggage – in the back, a small fur workshop. They were well placed on Via del Plebiscito, a busy area, frequented by Roman ‘society’.
In 1933, Fendi introduced the ‘Pergamena’ with its signature yellow colour, soon synonymous with the brand it became a recurring element on luggage and suitcases and other apparel. It was to be almost 35 years later that Karl Lagerfeld would attach the term ‘Fun Fur’ to the brand, celebrated across the globe as the recognisable Fendi double F logo.

After WWII, Edoardo and Adele’s five daughters – Paola, Anna, Franca Carla, and Alda – joined the family business – Karl Lagerfeld defined them the “five fingers of a hand”. The sisters set about renovating the company and asked Lagerfeld to join the house. The rest is luxurious history.

Fendi Materials

The brief

With such a rich history, and an even wealthier clientele it is essential that the Fendi sales staff are able to relay accurate product information and furthermore, can differentiate toad from lizard skins for example, as and when such knowledge is required!. Enter Hatch.

We were approached by the Manager of the Sloane Street store, to produce a means of relaying this information as an updateable and engaging training solution, which would provide an aide to better overall staff awareness and customer service.

Fendi PresentationFendi Presentation

Our Solution

The team at Hatch set to work on ways of developing a bespoke CD containing a tailored PowerPoint presentation which would offer a detailed collection of information showcasing the current seasons’ story. We applied a two-pronged approach, one focusing on Materials’ the other, on the collection as a whole, getting a real ‘feel’ for the Fendi Woman.


The idea was not to fight with the brand by introducing graphics which were too conceptual, but to stitch together a clean, simple, stylish and memorable presentation, allowing the images and information to speak for themselves.

The final solutions consisted firstly of an editable, 26-page presentation of essential knowledge on luggage and accessories, focusing on: signature fabrics and exotic leathers; their pattern variants and compositions, colourways, weights, natures, origins and care advice as well as the seasons’ styles, suitability, pricing and popularity. Secondly, a 40+ page, updatable Powerpoint presentation featuring an overview of this years’ Spring Summer collection.

The branded CD Rom was presented to the Fendi salesforce – it was a run-away success!

Fendi PresentationFendi Presentation

Fendi Presentation

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