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It’s not the definitive list of what you’ll need, but it’s certainly
an excellent starting point, and will serve as food for thought.

Alternatively there is the PDF template brief
available to download here (350 KB)

We are looking forward to receiving your completed briefing form.
The information you give us will be invaluable. Please feel free to
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Acceptable file types: doc,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png,eps,tif,psd.
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As a matter of good practice we will usually include a sitemap, privacy statement, your conditions or terms of use along with a statistic package like Google Analytics or similar.




Payment Terms
We will not begin your project until you have accepted our firm quotation for the work which is subject to our terms and conditions of business which can be viewed here or sent to you on request.
Tip 1. Content, complexity and aims differ hugely among websites. From the data you provide us filling up this brief sheet, we hopefully have a feasible idea of what your requirements are from your new website. Nevertheless we will get in touch with you to clarify any points before we provide a quotation.

Our charges only depend on the time our designers and developers spend on a project and it is essential to appraise this as accurately as possible from the beginning. We never charge more than we quote for a project except the specifications are changed, by you part way through, in which case the responsibility is on us to address you and re-quote accordingly.

Tip 2. Considering your budget is essential. Doubtless, you will get better and more accurate quotes. If all of the agencies know what the budget is and are working to the same brief, you’re likely to get very similar quotes, which is good, right? Allow you at least compare apples to apples.
Tip 3. The web site should be an extension of any offline media, advertising or branding that you have. It is always helpful to be provided with a brochure, some marketing literature or the annual report to help get a feel for the company, so include NYGoodHealth them with the brief in ‘About your business’ section.
Tip 4. Resist the temptation to keep or duplicate your existing content in your new site – if your existing site is letting you down in some way, the chances are that the content is no longer up to scratch. Having thought about your target audience, take the opportunity to review whether your content still meets their needs.

Don’t delay this until the end of the project – start thinking now about how you’re going to elaborate the copy text. Do you have the resources or skills to produce and supply the text to go on the web site? If the answer to that questions is no, you will need a web copywriter as well, we can provide this service if necessary.

Tip 5. You are investing in a new web site, so you want customers to land and see it, right? Now detail how you will promote it.
In fact, an online or traditional business needs marketing.

The promotion of your web site on the internet, both in terms of getting it on the search engines and also building links with other web sites, is essential to the continued success of the site.
If you are keen on Hatch team provide these services, fill up the ‘Promotion’ section.

Tip 6. Don’t feel that you have to stick to the medium that you are designing for when giving a list of inspiration and ideas.
If a television advert, music video, magazine article caught your attention or creates the atmosphere that you want your flyer to create, then that is a perfectly reasonable statement to make in a design brief. Same with newspaper files or any brochure or pamphlet that might be useful.

Remember that professional designers will not copy the ideas you send them… but will use them as the start of the design process.

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