One Flat Fee

Following The Recipe

Ensuring our clients optimum value at every
stage of the design process is key to making
certain, not only our studio rates, but our suppliers
are consistently reviewed and remain competitive.

Our standard studio rate is £120 per hr
Out of office hours rate £155 per hr
Weekends, public holidays and after 6.30 pm

No Hidden Additives

Our upfront quoting process is guaranteed to leave
a sweet aftertaste whilst giving total peace of mind.

There is a strong likelihood that we have previously
undertaken a similar project to yours, this will give
us a good idea of studio hours involved, from which
we will base our estimates.

Contact a senior member of the Hatch team for
further details.

Batch Cooking

Discounted contractual method of working is
available for companies that have ongoing design
requirements. We can offer a far more flexible and
competitive solution.

By working this way you will receive a contract
discount on our standard studio rate along with
one consolidated itemised monthly invoice.

Should you need us to act as an overflow/backup
agency to your existing design team or just have
list of design projects you wish to tackle over the
coming months then Hatch could be the solution.

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